Before a product is launched in a foreign market, it has to pass many tests and adjustments, which base on international standards and rules. Also adjustments to local safety regulation and laws are required. Many of the standards help to improve business relationship - but even more important are rules that secure the safety of the product user.

Especially for companies outside Europe it is hard to get an overview over laws, standards and rules. Extended research work is required. On the other hand written rules offer the chance to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

To be sure, that your products match the relevant regulations some steps are advicable:

  • Detection of applicable standards and laws.
  • Evaluation of laws and standards that have to be obeyed in the target market.
  • Make sure, the product matches the respective rules and if not,
  • apply the important points to the product - order a risk analysis by the developing engineers.
  • Document all working steps during development, risk analysis and testing.

Following those rules standards and laws become to support your product launch. You can be sure, that your products do not jeopardize anybody and match the habits of the local users. Protect yourself from sales problems and recourse claims.

We perform a standard and law research for your product. We accompany the risk analysis of your engineers and organize your documentation in a way that satisfies the official local requirements.