Exploit new markets for your products

You decided to leave your well known home market and to exploit new sales areas? You know, your product is good - but the customers do not accept?

Did you think about localization?

Product localization means the adaptation of products and services to different language or culture areas and to new standards and laws. Understanding of education system, legal system ad occupational safety is required.

Product localization does not only touch obvious things as

  • product documentation
  • trade shows
  • marketing material,
  • product documentation.

Understanding of the customer needs can be improved by

  • intercultural training and
  • multilanguage communication.

But those points are only some well known tasks. To bring a product or service to a new market, many things have to take place in the background:

  • country and product specific research about standards, patents, trade marks and guidelines,
  • database managed technical documentation in all EU official languages,
  • trade marking,
  • software adjustment.

We support your internationalization process.