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Data Privacy Protection - European Laws

Data privacy protection is taken seriously in Europe - especially the protection of personal data of the citizens have strictely to be obeyed. Personal data does not only mean personally information as health data or somebodys political opinion - but also name, address, or telephone number. It is forbidden to store or process any personal data without the consent of the data subject.

To harmonize the data protection rules of the EU countries and make them more lucid the EU parlament passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - the Directive 95/46/EC. To put those rules to practice is meanwhile taken for granted for European countries - even though it is not simple.

For companies outside of Europe the matter appears to be even more difficult. The GDPR is valid for every company or organization that wants to trade in the EU. In addition of course the local laws of every country have to be advised. This means that the legal situation of data privacy protection can be compared with CE directives. Consideration with data protection rules is time consuming, but non-observance brings you in danger of severe punishment.

Despite of the high efford it might be worthwhile to care about data protection rules even if you have no business sector in Europe. Data protection is also relevant if you offer local services for European companies. Even in that case the EU companies will demand to guarantee that your data protection processes are on the same level as the European ones.

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